6th Class 2021-2022

3D Models

6th Class recently completed a project where they had to build a 3D model of a famous Landmark using recycled materials. The results of the project were phenomenal, with amazing creations being presented to the class. Their efforts were superb and they really enjoyed it. Well done 6th Class!!

STEM Challenge

6th Class recently completed a STEM challenge which involved them turning a piece of clothing into a shopping bag. They made a brilliant effort and created some very unique shopping bags that were durable. 

Science Week 2021
As part of Science Week 2021 6th class completed a number of science experiments. This one, was called Skittles – See the Rainbow. The children saw how the food colouring seeped from the skittles once they came in contact with the warm water. They formed the colours of the rainbow in the middle of the plate.