Physical Education

The PE Curriculum is an integral part of our teaching and learning in Kill NS. Pupils are given the opportunity to complete AT LEAST one hour of PE in school each week.

These are just some examples of the fun and innovative lessons the children engage in :-

Our school staff have put huge effort into creating our standardised PE plan. It ensures that each child gets the opportunity to experience each Strand of the curriculum.

All classes cover at least 5 strands and from 1st-6th also get to do Aquatics. There is a focus on the FMS in Move Well, Move Often.

See our timetable here :-

Continuous Professional Development is something we value in Kill NS. Several staff members have engaged with the PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers) to gain experience of the “Move Well, Move Often” programme. This programme provides a structured way to teach fundamental Movement Skills. Through sharing of CPD, the school has been able to combine our PE plan with Move Well, Move Often. More information on Move Well, Move Often can be found here :-