Physical Activity

As well as our formal Physical Education curriculum delivery, in Kill NS we strive to encourage physical activity throughout the day. The children take part in active breaks everyday. Here the children are doing our “Run Around Ireland” challenge :-

But the activity does not stop there! We are imaginative about how we encourage activity and want to make activity as inclusive as possible.

Macarena Monday!

After lots of practice the whole school joined in a very active dance!

Active Walkway

Our classes really enjoy getting outside to do lots of subjects. We use our Active Walkway to introduce activity into English, Maths, Georgraphy and Science among others.

The Fairies have even got in on the act! Our younger classses enjoy our “Fairy Walkway”

Bad Weather – There’s no such Thing!

Not even bad weather can put a stop to activity in Kill NS. Our teachers are always innovative in making sure activity is part of everyday.

Active School News

Each class takes turns to read out all our activity related news during the course of the year. They really enjoy using the intercom!

Active School Committee

We value the student voice in Kill NS. Our Active School Committee plays a leading role in planning and monitoring active initiatives. One such example is our Playground Leaders Programme.